Elena Grant

As an only child, I was born into a family of Alpha overachievers. My Mom, International First Chair Violin, guided me through a creative and artistic path by taking me on tours with the bests of Classical and Operatic Music, Russian Ballet, Theater and Art of mystical stage, gorgeous costumes and decorations. My Father, ambitious Hydro-Nuclear Engineer, with second degree in Law and prominent political career later in life, announced the “end of my childhood” when I turned 3, and sent me on a path of mindful independence and fearless achievements in education and career…”

Multinational, multilingual and multitalented, ELEGRA was born in Russia and raised in Germany. She attended schools in Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Russia and the US.

As a former actress, director/producer, model, fashion designer, financier and International business owner and consultant, ELEGRA lived  and worked in Europe: Switzerland, Italy, France, Monte Carlo, Germany, Russia, Spain, Greece, and throughout South and North America.

When Art became her destination, class-act artist took her diverse cross-cultural background and expressed the mesmerizing complexity on canvas with bright splashes of vibrance and passion.

ELEGRA entertains variety of mediums and styles, but her primary focus remains Figurative Contemporary Expressionism with a touch of imaginary Abstract.

I am romantic, idealist and deeply emotional person. Art is my love, my passion and my dream world, where I can be myself – a happy kid in a toy store! My canvases are my stories, expressions of my feelings, absorbed cultural experiences and observations.

Some time ago I stopped worrying about what others perceive of me…it was just a matter of their “boundaries”, and I stopped being interested in the opinions of those who didn’t believe in me or didn’t share my enthusiasm, my passion for life and daredevil confidence.

Je suis qui je suis! I am who I am.”

“On the Beach”
“Blushing Beauty”

​Marie-Pierre Philippe-Lohézic

Born in Paris, Marie-Pierre studied at l’École des Beaux-Arts  where her artistic mastery began with a  thorough immersion in sketching and oil painting.
Mother of three girls, she followed her husband wherever his employment lead and had the unique opportunity of exploring various countries in Asia. The immersion in such different cultures, so fully rich and diverse, had a profound influence over her sensitivity and allowed her to discover and master different procedures that she uses to express herself as appropriate. Now settled in Southern California, Marie-Pierre continuously adds new skills to her palette: Printmaking, Sculpture, Bronze Casting, Stone Carving, Wax, Wood Carving, all contributing to her liberty to elect the medium that will most aptly convey her message or reflect her feelings.
Creatively inspired by the moderns like Picasso, Buffet, Cézanne, Rodin and Archipenko, Marie-Pierre is attracted to cubism and abstract art, but may also elect to be figurative according to the emotion she wants to portray or the mood of the moment.
Marie-Pierre is less interested in becoming proficient in one technique than to discover what that technique can do for her art. Her versatility is actually her way of expressing her spontaneity. Creating is the spur of a moment, even with a slower media, such as Stone carving. She is at a loss when she is unable to produce a result rapidly, because what initially inspired her may escape her if she fails to grab it. Her art is to capture the instant or to snatch the movement or to seize the mood and these are her major themes: express the instant, the motion, and the emotion.
Colors play an important part in her paintings, as they are instrumental in exposing contrasting moods and provide a sense of dimension and movement. They are the implements of choice for two-dimensional oeuvres, although they may also provide an added element in a multi-dimensional composition. Other media, such as stone carving, afford the freedom to express duration and change, and are particularly apt to rendering metamorphosis, which is an intriguing theme in her art. Life is a motion that is constantly veered and altered by external forces and transformation occurs as a result. Three-dimensional media confer the means to expose these transmutations.
Action is a succession of snapshots and Marie-Pierre also likes to catch that progression and combine it in a metamorphosis of the object. One figure in motion results in another shape and the transformation is intriguing and potentially surprising, thus interesting. Evolution or genesis, the magic is in the juxtaposition of the original and final states. Extending the concept of metamorphosis, the woman body is a source of endless inspirations, for a woman generates life and alters her body in the process. The woman’s body is so rich that it can be depicted in myriads of ways according to the perspective of the artist and her feelings at the time, and that body is the envelope sheltering the multi-faceted being inside.
Her work has been exhibited in the States, France and Singapore. She received some national awards and her work is collected internationally, US, Canada, Europe and Asia.

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For over a decade artist and curator Ramses has brought to the city of Los Angeles a series of provocative exhibits including the 2009 exhibit of the late artist/musician Natty Brooker (Spacemen 3) as well as Peter Saville’s “Use Hearing Protection” (Factory Records, The City of Manchester, UK)). “My Own Worst Enemy” – the art of Will Sergeant (Echo & the Bunnymen) in 2012, also Daniel Ash’s “Freedom Ain’t Cheap” (Bauhaus, Tones on Tail, Love and Rockets) and more recently featuring the photographic works of the late great John Denver in 2014 among other great artists.
In addition to the intriguing exhibition history, Substrate Gallery owner Ramses is also a musician, member of the LA experimental band, THE MEEK as well as contemporary artist and painter whose collectors include Bill Gates, actress Heather Graham and musician Courtney Taylor-Taylor, among many others.

“To call Substrate “cutting edge” is an understatement; it’s more of a space to engage the eyes and ears, and what better way to experience the best of both worlds.”   – GIna Higgins from –

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“Adam and Eve”

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